Welcome to Strandex!

Selection of the right extrusion process is absolutely critical to the success of any composite business. It dictates the longevity of your composite products, their long-term value to your customers, and ultimately their value to your business.


Strandex has been developing extruded wood composites using wood fiber, high density polyethylene plastic resin, and other additives since the late 1980's. There are few companies in the composite industry today that have been around as long, or have experienced our level of success! Put our years of experience to work for you. Licensing Strandex technology will bring you success in the composite extrusion business through timely extrusion plant set-up, development of high-quality, long-lasting products that you will be proud to brand with your company name; all of which minimizes your business risk. Not to mention, we'll act as a full-time technical resource to help to bring you success – every step of the way. Find out why Strandex is the right extrusion process for the composite industry.

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