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It is everyone's responsibility to use our natural resources conscientiously and to diminish production of greenhouse gasses. We must all work to reduce the carbon footprint of every industry, strive to produce eco-friendly products, and conserve raw materials as best we can. At Strandex, it is our goal to create innovative, green technologies for our industry through the introduction of truly "green" Strandex products, while maintaining the same Strandex quality and performance standard that the composite industry has come to know.


Most recently, we've been successful in the use of several, large, post-industrial and post-consumer waste streams of recycled polymer. We've developed an exciting, new process at our Strandex Global Technical Center that allows for the use these polymers. Millions of pounds of materials originally destined for landfills or incinerators can now be used as an integral part of these new "green Strandex composites" without sacrificing product performance, quality or appearance.


An additional benefit is lower and more stable raw material cost. This reduces the burden of plastic resin price fluctuation and offers a competitive advantage for you and your customers. This latest technology is just another way Strandex continues to provide value to you, to the composite industry and now, to improve the environment.


Stay tuned for future green technology advancements and updates coming from Strandex!

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