Strandex Classic

Strandex Classics

Not all composites are alike. Not all wood fiber is alike. Polyethylene is not just polyethylene.


No two extrusion processes provide the same product characteristics and consistency. It is critical to understand what specification of fiber, the grade of plastic resin required and what other additives are needed for optimum and consistent product and process performance. A complete understanding of the complex interaction between materials, extrusion process and die design is the foundation on which your composite product must be built. Some composites have not been successful and there is a reason. The extrusion process used to manufacture those products did not consistently produce a durable product. For nearly 20 years, Strandex licensees around the globe have proven the Strandex process provides the strength, durability, uniformity and performance to lead the market...consistently.


Learn more about our Strandex Classic – HDPE and Strandex Classic – PVC and see how you can leverage Strandex technology and experience to your benefit.

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