Strandex Classic – PVC; Performance and Longevity

Strandex Classic PVC Strandex Classic PVC

The use of Strandex Classic - PVC will result in development of products with minimum profile weights and long post-to-post spans. Other materials cannot meet these standards without significant and costly reinforcement. Since the early 1990s, products extruded using Strandex Classic - PVC  technology, have been leading the way with a track record of strength, durability, innovation and quality. The first coextruded or capped deck rail in the composite industry was produced by a Strandex licensee in the early 1990s.


What you need to know about Strandex Classic - PVC:

Strandex Classic – PVC technology has been used in numerous special applications where high stiffness and flexural properties are required, including a dock board (used in the bridge pictured above) designed specifically for the United States Navy. This profile is the largest WPC production that we are aware of today!

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